Clothing Size Information

Unfortunately, in Australia, there are no size standards for clothing.  What might be size 8 in one store, might be a size 12 in another store.  Also, due to the nature of our business, our clothes come from all over the world which also means the sizes vary a lot. It may say 'Large' on the tag, but that does not necessarily mean it it will fit you, if you generally wear a 'Large' size. 

To try and eliminate hassles and help our customers choose the correct sizes, we have chosen to ignore the sizing written on the products and to base them all on a standard measurement system.  

The diagram below shows how to measure yourself. 

The following size charts refer to the clothing sizes listed on the product pages.  

Women's Sizes
Men's Sizes
Kid's Sizes - Boys
Kid's Sizes - Girls
Baby Sizes
Baby Shoes Sizes

Women's Clothes Sizes

Men's Clothes Sizes

Kid's Clothes Sizes - Boys

Kid's Clothes Sizes - Girls

Baby Clothes Sizes

Baby Shoe Sizes