Seamless Multi Functional Headwear

Seamless Multi Functional Headwear

Seamless Multi-Functional Headwear

- Various Designs

Multi-functional headwear is named due to the variety of  ways that they can be worn.  

Commonly known as seamless bandanas, face masks, face shields, head scarfs,  dread socks, and many other names because they are so versatile!

Excellent for protecting you against the elements, they  can be used to keep you warm during winter as a scarf or face/neck warmer, and cool  during summer to draw sweat away and shade you from harsh UV rays.  They  work perfectly as a helmet liner, or to protect and cover your face from dust particles  and wind sheer while riding.  They can keep your hair out of your face, or your dreadlock frizz in place.

There are more than 10 ways to wear your seamless  headwear. As a Headband, Face Mask, Neckerchief, Wristband, Helmet Liner, Neck  Gaiter, Balaclava, Scarf Sahariane, Pirate Cap, Beanie, Hairband, Foulard, Alice  Band, Blind Chicken, Scrunchy & More!

Multiwear Instructions

Product Details
Materials Polyester
Weight Approx 35 grams

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