About Us

About All Skullz

All Skullz (ABN: 31469393997) is a small, family run business based out of Brisbane, Australia. 
It was founded in mid 2016 with the goal of bringing together the largest collection of skull themed products in the one place.  

The symbolism of skulls can be traced back thousands of years, over various continents and through various cultures.  Skulls are most often used to represent death and mortality. Sometimes they can be used to represent evil, but for some, they're often used to represent other things such as power, strength, fearlessness, luck or loyalty, survival and overcoming hard times/death.  Unlike symbols like the 'heart' (which universally means love around the world), skulls can mean very different things to different people or cultures. 

As far back as 7200 B.C.,  they were displayed in homes in the Middle East, although, scientists are still unsure what they were symbolizing as there was no writing back then.  In less ancient times, around 300 A.D., skulls of defeated warriors were still being used by the Aztecs as trophies of war victories. Around the same era, Mexicans started using skulls as symbols to celebrate the Day of the Dead, the annual festival celebrating and honoring the deceased.  During the 1300's, Europeans began decorating chalices, cathedrals and churches with skulls and bones. Pirates were well known for flying the skull and crossbones flag, showing they belonged to no country and followed no rules. During World War 2, many war propaganda posters used skull images. The allies used them portraying Hitler as death or causing deaths, and the Axis used them to warn of impending death.  By they 1970's, images of skulls had made their way onto t-shirts, accessories and pop art. Artists such as Andy Warhol, and a variety of metal, punk and jam bands helped bring them into today's popularity. 

This brings us to skulls symbolism in today's modern day art.  Today, you will find skulls at nearly every store. They have become tremendously popular and in high demand in their various forms.
Embellished on clothing or jewelry, home wares, bedding, furniture and a whole range of other products all themed around skulls. 

And that's where All Skullz comes in.  We aim to make a one-stop shop for your favorite skull items. From t-shirts and clothes with skull designs, to skull themed jewelry, skull themed gifts and accessories with skull motifs, skull art, skull decorations, and whatever else you can think of, we will try to find it to add to our All Skullz range of skull items.