Replica & Ornamental Skulls

Replica & Ornamental Skulls

Ornamental, Decorational and Replica Skulls

A selection of replica or ornamental skulls that are great for props or just decoration.  Decorative skulls make great gifts and can add that perfect touch to a room or shelf.   Replica skulls make great displays or props.  True replicas can also serve as medical/anatomical training and educational tools.

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"Blank Stare" Skull - 24.5cm

Skull lovers, get excited!  This cool, 24.5cm  skull is a beautiful white in colour.  ..


Human Skull Replica

Human Skull ReplicaThis spooky piece from features a full size human skull that has..


Marmoreal Skull

This beautiful, smooth 20cm replica skull is a beautiful white in colour.  It's called marmorea..